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Great grandad Stephen (1882-1911)

Great grandad Stephen (1882-1911)

Concisely stated, I’m a genealogy hack aficionado. I’ve always enjoyed collecting stories, anecdotes, and other information regarding my forebears, their families. My people (as we say in Alabama) hails from Alabama, primarily the Monroe, Conecuh, and Escambia county areas, ranging into Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida, although other localities are represented in the various branches and lines of the family. The Byrds came to Virginia from the Cheshire region of western England, and before that from the L’Oise basin of northern France. Surnames in the ancestry of my wife and I include:

  • Byrd (Bird, le Bird, le Byrd, la Byrd)
  • Dewberry (de Berry)
  • Ledkins
  • Box
  • Hosey
  • Jackson
  • Chavers
  • Haynes (Haines)
  • Vest

…and many others.

I use Ancestry.com (who doesn’t these days) and have a guest login set up if you’re interested.  Use the Contact link above to introduce yourself.

There’s also a unorganized pile of articles, histories, maps, etc. located here.